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Atama Ltd. is a private employment service (Professional employer organization), established in 1999. It is a well established company with focus on ethical approach to the labor market.

Our main services include:

We advise and collaborate with all stakeholders in the labor market. We offer help for job seekers and provide an ongoing dialogue with state institutions in our work field. More than 20 years of experiences and knowledge in our work field gave as a chance to recognize all on going (un-) employment issues and ability to be in constant relation with our target group.

For more information please contact us: e-mail or +3861/2300-860


We can become your trusted partner and guide you through our labor laws thus eliminating any employment risks for you and freeing you from the necessity to go into all legislative specificities or set everything up by yourselves. We can resolve all local labor issues for you, making sure you remain compliant with Slovenian employment law.

We are working with foreign partners and cooperating in international projects. We take an Individual approach to each project and partner to make sure that we meet all your requirements and needs. During our cooperation you will have a personal consultant who will look after your project and will answer all your questions.

We are the best choice for foreign companies, which would like to enter Slovenian labor market or employ Slovenian candidates because of our excellent knowledge of it and we are well familiar with constant law changes.


Contact us if you need to:

For more information please contact us: e-mail or +3861/2300-860


We are located in the southern Central Europe. Our capital city is Ljubljana. We have a population of about 2 million and an area of 20,273 sq. km. The national currency is Euro (EUR). Even tough we are a small county we have a lot of qualified talent with unique skills and are becoming more and more interesting to global market.

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Like every other country, Slovenia has its own employment nuances. We prepared FAQ for you to familiarize with the basics of Slovenian employment law.